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Licra exhibition


September is a month to return to routine. To make it more bearable we remind you up to six exhibitions to visit to liven up the arrival of the new season, pay attention!

"Alfonso. Cuidado con la memoria".

In the Sala Canal Isabel II you can visit from September 30 to January 30, 2022 this photographic exhibition. 

It is a set of historical photographs of the firm Alfonso, a key name in Spanish photojournalism during the twentieth century. More than 100 selected photographs that portray episodes of our closest past. Admission is free.

"Japan. A story of love and war".

Discover the most exquisite and elegant history of the Asian country with this multidisciplinary exhibition that can be visited until January 30, 2022 at CentroCentro. 

Geisha, samurai and other key figures of Japanese culture in this exhibition that travels through several centuries of history by the hand of the most important artists of the period as Hiroshige or Hokusai. Mondays closed. 

"Chema Madoz. Cruelty"

Until next November 21 can be visited at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid this other photographic exhibition on the work of the prestigious Spanish photographer Chema Madoz.

It is a conceptual exhibition that highlights the darker and more inhospitable side of the artist's work through his photography of common objects. 73 images that represent a reflection on the most cruel and mysterious side of the seemingly everyday. Mondays closed.


At the Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid, this exhibition, winner of the XII edition of the "Se busca comisario" initiative, can be visited until November 14.

It is a space for reflection on the creative processes and the determinants that influence the authors. Their particular circumstances and those that appear during the creation process itself. An enriching experience on the material reality of art. Admission is free. 

"Disobediences and resistances".

The Sala de Bóvedas of the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Conde Duque can be visited this exhibition until November 21.

It is a group show in which renowned artists such as Marina Abramović, Teresa Correa or Matt Mullican reflect on the limits of civility, disobedience and resistance to social consensus. Up to eight works of denunciation that take the form of video performance to disturb and make the public reflect. Admission is free.

"Books and authors in the Viceroyalty of Peru. The legacy of literate culture until Independence".

Until December 12 you can visit this exhibition at the Cervantes Institute in Madrid that focuses on the history of the Andean country.

Original manuscripts, 115 books, maps, illustrations and paintings detail the development of Peruvian bibliographic production from the time of the Spanish conquest until Independence. The documents belong to the collections of important centers of our country such as the National Library or the Royal Spanish Academy. Admission is free of charge.

Image credits: Licra Exhibition © Comunidad de Madrid