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Palace room in Madrid


If you like historic architecture, colorful and palatial interiors and concerts in luxurious settings, you can't miss "¡Bienvenidos a palacio!", the event that will take you this fall on a guided tour of up to 23 palaces in the Madrid region until December.

This eighth edition of the program offers more than 7,300 seats for guided tours and flamenco and Spanish music concerts in palace settings. You will be able to attend exclusive recitals and learn the ins and outs of history thanks to specialist guides.

In September you can visit, among others, the Buenavista Palace, current headquarters of the Army, the Palacete de Joaquín Sorolla, the painter's former home in Madrid, and the Zurbano Palace.

During October, November and December there will be visits to other important palaces in Madrid, such as the Palacio de Viana, the Palacio de Godoy, the Palace of infant Don Luis de Borbón or the eclectic Palace of the Marquis of Villafranca, headquarters of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

The series "Flamenco en palacio: una mirada diversa al patrimonio jondo" will bring the best flamenco to four of these palaces in eight exclusive concerts. Chelo Pantoja, María Mezcle and Pablo Rubén Maldonado will perform at the Palace of infant Don Luis de Borbón on October 30. Lourdes Pastor will sing flamenco on November 25 at the Palacio de Viana and, on December 16, you can reserve for the best contemporary flamenco, with Ángeles Toledano at the eighteenth-century Palacio de Fernán Núñez.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to enjoy the best architectural and musical heritage of our country, welcome to the palace!

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Image Credit: Buenavista Palace © Comunidad de Madrid