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El Campillo lagoon


Few kilometers away from the capital, in the municipality of Rivas-Vaciamadrid, you can find El Campillo lagoon, a natural area rich in biodiversity that allows you to enjoy a real picnic with friends or children, perfect for a walk, a quiet hiking or biking route.

The lagoon and its surroundings are part of the Southeast Regional Park, a natural environment populated by a multitude of tree species and home to a variety of mammals, birds and insects. Here the Manzanares River ends its journey and flows into the Jarama River. 

It was formed artificially but soon became a peculiar wetland, a few meters from the urban area of Rivas. It is a protected natural space that has a nature interpretation center with bird watching stations and organizes all kinds of activities about the resources of the area. 

Around the lagoon there is a circular path that allows you to surround it, photograph the whole environment and, with luck, some of its animals. There are several picnic areas along the way and if you walk in silence, you may be lucky enough to spot a marsh harrier, a wigeon, a little bittern or one of the famous storks so common in the area.

There is an environmental education center, El Campillo, that organizes numerous activities for all ages, gymkhanas, workshops, guided tours, exhibitions, hiking, and has an orchard, an observatory, a multipurpose room and a workroom, among its facilities.

An idyllic setting ideal for spending the day enjoying nature. Come to the lagoon!

More information: El Campillo environmental education center

Credits: El Campillo Lagoon © Jverdut. Shutterstock