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Bridge over water in the Polvoranca Park


Did you know that the surroundings of Leganés and Fuenlabrada are full of biodiversity, agricultural cereal fields, streams and cattle trails? We propose up to four routes for you to discover this environment, a place for walking, leisure and recreation.

The Polvoranca Park has more than 400 species of trees and shrubs, more than 140 species of birds, a didactic ecological garden and a Botanical Park of one hectare with plants from the 5 continents, as well as several thematic gardens inside, among which we can mention the curious Garden of Rocks and the garden of local plants.

The Polvoranca Park in the municipality of Leganés, is surrounded by peculiar landscapes, fields, roads and cattle trails. Numerous trails start from the Park and its surroundings. We propose four routes so that you do not miss anything.

From Polvoranca to Fuenlabrada

This first route is eight kilometers long and runs between the municipalities of Leganés and Fuenlabrada. You will enjoy a circular route that begins and ends in the Park and crosses the typical landscapes of cereal fields typical of the region.

The entire environment of Fuenlabrada and Leganés is crossed by a multitude of cattle trails, pastoral trails with centuries of history that farmers have used to take their herds through the fields and regions. You will be able to easily identify some of these paths under the "vía pecuaria" signage or also if you observe watering troughs or resting places in their surroundings, which are used for cattle to drink and rest.

Vereda del Monte

This proposal also crosses the Park but runs entirely in the municipality of Leganés. It is nine kilometers long and allows you to see the change of landscape between the agricultural fields and the urban park environment of Polvoranca. To access these first two routes you can take the M-406 road with direct access to the Polvoranca Park.

Butarque creek

This circuit is also located in the municipality of Leganés. This route has a smaller extension than the previous ones, five kilometers of path. It starts and ends in Polvoranca Park and allows you to walk around the Butarque creek with very pleasant sights and sounds. The itinerary will lead you to the Ermita de Nuestra Señora de Butarque, a 16th century building, patron saint of Leganés, which you can visit. You can reach the beginning of the route in Arroyo de Butarque by the M-40, taking the exit "barrio de la Fortuna" to continue along the M-421 or M-411 to the town.

Valdeserranos landscape

This proposal offers up to fourteen kilometers to walk within the municipality of Fuenlabrada. The path also runs in a circular way from the Parque de las Olivillas, next to its sports area, and allows you to enter the agricultural fields of wheat and barley and the horizon views of Fuenlabrada, Pinto, Parla and Getafe. You can easily identify the silhouettes of their respective churches and the Cerro de los Angeles.

To get to Valdeserranos, from where this route starts, the most direct way is through the M-506. Once past the turnoff to Humanes you will find a sign indicating the soccer fields, being that same point the start of the route.

At the Polvoranca Environmental Education Center, you can visit exhibitions and participate in free activities on weekends. 


More information: Polvoranca environmental education center.

Image credits: Parque de la Polvoranca © Luis M Solano. Shutterstock