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Enter modern art exhibition Espacio Miró

In Sala Recoletos, in the Fundación Mapfre in Madrid  you can still visit "Espacio Miró", a collection of the genius of contemporary art Joan Miró. It is a colorful display of 65 of his works from the last decades showing different periods of the Catalan artist. 

The exhibition is divided into two floors and five sections. The first of them, 'constellations' presents the relationship of great friendship and mutual admiration between Miró and Alexander Calder, with five works that the American artist gave him, four sculptures and "Portrait of Miró", an oil painting.

You can also see 'The sign and the gesture', after the constellations; 'Women, birds and stars”, which shows the stars, moons, suns, female forms and birds as great emblems and main motifs of his painting; 'Characters', the fantasy of the heads of his monsters and creatures, which is the most dreamlike dimension of the work. And finally, 'Challenge to painting'. 

His great different influences can be thus observed, such as the popular tradition or urban graffiti and the famous black strokes reminiscent of Japanese calligraphy.

The set offers an extensive tour of Miró's later production, a period recently highlighted as a period of reinvention of the artist, who recovered some of his earliest inspiration.

After five years, the collection will leave Madrid on August 29, until when "Miró Poema", made up of 17 paintings, 31 drawings, 9 books of poetry and various documents can also be visited in the same Sala Recoletos of the Foundation, since for the brilliant Barcelona-born artist there was no distinction between painting and poetry.

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Image credits: Le chant de l’oiseau à la rosée de la lune / El canto del pájaro al rocío de la luna, 1955 (detalle) © Successió Miró 2021