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Cavernarium Madrid

Prehistoric tribes arrive this summer at Cavernarium Madrid. If you want to spend a day enjoying a troglodyte adventure, this is your chance. This is a unique activity in Spain located in the multi-adventure park "Ocius Park", in Colmenar Viejo (Madrid). It is a perfect occasion to celebrate children's birthdays, family reunions or to spend an unforgettable day with your friends.

In both the children and adult versions, the main pastime consists of a gymkhana set in the prehistoric era, where participants will be dressed according to this era and will have to pass a series of tests in the style of The Flintstones. Prove that you belong to the best troglodyte tribe in a crazy race where you will put into practice different skills such as your speed or leadership skills!

The gymkhana lasts a maximum of two hours, and so that you can move around easily, we recommend you wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes. 

But the fun doesn't end here! Cavernarium has prepared for you more themed games such as "Trogloditag", in which you will have to build a monolith with your team using the prehistoric language, and "Rupestres", in which you will have the opportunity to leave your works of art in the cave. 

The "Troglobolos", in which the ball is a giant peanut, "mammoth races", the "troglocaza" in which you will have to prove that you are a hunter and feed your tribe, "curlingcrock" in which two participants are thrown down a track on a trunkskate and many others led by specialists who are waiting for you.

If you want to extend this great day, you can combine Cavernarium with other activities such as paintball, go-kart circuit, laser combat, bubble soccer, crazy car races, a escape room or a survival game, among others. In addition, all these pastimes take place in this outdoor leisure park.

The place also has a bar/cafeteria where you can have a drink and if you want to eat there, they have an external foodtruck service and menus are served in the indoor lounge, which also has a fireplace for cold winter days.

Become a prehistoric character and have a great time at Cavernarium Madrid where the fun never ends!

More information: Ocius Park

Image credits: Cavernarium Madrid © Ocius Park