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Three original music events for this summer

If you were wondering what musical events would be happening in the Community of Madrid this summer, you can now make a note in your calendar. We bring you three very original and different plans with music as the undisputed protagonist.

Live the roof 2021” is the most ambitious proposal for terrace fans that brings to Madrid the best outdoor concerts to enjoy on one of the rooftops of the capital. Under the name “Mix The Limits” there is a program set with up to 13 bands and artists to liven up these summer evenings. This August and September the city of Madrid tinges its highest sunsets with music and mixology on its most premium rooftops.

Enjoy concerts of L.A. on August 20, La Habitación Roja on the 21st, David Otero on September 3 or Bely Basarte on September 8, all of them on the emblematic rooftop of Madrid's Hotel Riu.

Músicas de Madrid y su provincia” is the proposal of Madrid local band Ursaria that until August 27 will take its repertoire of popular music of Madrid to different municipalities in the region. Discover this folk music band and attend one of their performances to enjoy some seguidillas, chotis, rondas, mayos or jerigonzas.

The band will perform in the town main squares: Plaza Mayor of Gascones, Plaza de la Constitución in Fresnedillas de la Oliva and Santa María de la Alameda, Plaza de Felipe IV in Brea de Tajo, Plaza de Fiestas in Nuevo Baztán, Plaza de la Iglesia in Villamanrique de Tajo and in the sports fields of Valdelaguna. The concerts will be free of charge until full capacity is reached and you can consult the complete list of municipalities and dates here.

The third event you should write down is the Hipódromo Nights, specifically on Thursday, August 26, when the Hipódromo de la Zarzuela will hold up to 5 horse races at night, an evening enlivened with the best gastronomy and music in terraces and gardens.

From 8.30 pm on you will be able to enjoy up to 20,000 square meters of terraces and gardens, the best chill-out music and a surprising gastronomic deal. This year you can find the proposal of the prestigious restaurant “La Ancha”: dine “al fresco” just in front of the horse racing track.

You can also find the culinary proposals of “Panthera”, focused on fusion food, in addition to the different gastronomic points scattered throughout the gardens, such as the “Station BBQ Turf”, ideal to taste grilled meat, the most popular sandwich stand “El Brillante”, “Moose”’s burgers or the fusion proposal of Andalusian stand “Tradizioná”.

Big and bigger outdoors plans to go for a drink, dine out and enjoy the best music!


Image Credits: Live the Roof 2021 © Live the Roof