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Guided tours to the MAR museum for people with visual impairment

The Regional Archaeological Museum (MAR) in Alcalá de Henares has improved accessibility for different audiences by organizing guided tours designed for people with blindness or visual impairment. An expert guide from the museum will be in charge of accompanying visitors on an adventure full of surprises.

The exploration of the different artistic pieces will be done through touching. These pieces are part of the museum's permanent exhibition. The themes that will be addressed in the visit are the way of life of our ancestors and their evolution from Prehistory to the Modern Age up to the fifteenth century. 

In addition, visitors will be able to picture mental images thanks to the detailed explanations of the guiding. Some of the pieces they will be able to observe belong to the ceramic exhibition, with beautiful shapes of all kinds. They can even visit a sculpture of Pablo Picasso himself that he made in 1949.

The bell-shaped graves of Humanejos are another major point of interest in the museum, since the settlement and necropolis of Humanejos has funerary and habitational findings that date back to prehistoric times and with particularities studied by the most prestigious archaeologists. 

The groups will be of four people and access will be free of charge, although it is mandatory to book by calling 91 879 66 66 or online here. Visits will take place from Tuesday to Friday at 11:00 and 12:30 and on Saturdays at 11:30, 13:00, 16:00 and 17:30. Whether morning or afternoon, there are plenty of options! 

Alcalá de Henares is your history appointment that you can't miss: the past at your fingertips!


More information: Guided tours for people with blindness or visual impairment 
Image credits: Guided tours © Museo Arqueológico Regional. Community of Madrid