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The legacy of Carmen Sánchez. The last lesson

The Legacy of Carmen Sánchez. The last lesson is an exhibition that pays tribute to the generosity of Carmen Sánchez García (1929-2016), a woman dedicated to teaching who actively contributed to the Fundación Amigos Museo del Prado since 2003. The set consists on 15 paintings that complete the permanent collection of the National Museum. 

Being one of the most important patrons in the history of the museum, she managed to incorporate artists to fixed collections such as Alegoría de la Templanza by Alonso Berruguete, the most relevant, or San Francisco arrodillado en meditación by Mariana de la Cueva, an unpublished artist until today.

It is worth mentioning the large number of female-themed works that are included thanks to Carmen Sanchez, such as the work La bolognese by Maria Blanchard or Mujer en el baño, by the painter François Clouet.

She also managed to increase the presence of painters already present in the Prado Museum, such as Adriaen Thomasz and his Retrato de caballero, or the serious and austere Autoretrato de Pedro de Campaña, one of the best portraits of the Flemish painter, collections of the sixteenth century that would lead to the Baroque style.

In the history painting, the works of Antonio Gisbert are a reflection of the historical wealth of Spain. Los Comuneros Padilla, Bravo y Maldonad en el patíbulo reflects the war of the Communities of Castile and the uprising of the Communers of the sixteenth century. There is also Giuseppe Maria Ferdinando Dal Pozzo by Jose Aparicio, from the Neoclassicism period, and Sagrada familia del roble, by Luis Eusebi. 

From the painter Eduardo Rosales, three works: Doña Blanca de Navarra entregada al captal de Buch, La Reina Doña Juana en los adarves del castillo de La Mota y Sala de Constantino en el Vaticano. 

One cannot miss the landscape painting that always leaves the public astounded for its great realism. Paisaje napolitano, by Mariano Fortuny, is a work of the 19th century. The chromatic harmony and the lines of the mountains and the sky create an idyllic landscape that will take the viewer to Italy itself. 

All these works, which have passed through the Restoration Workshops of the Museo Nacional del Prado to fulfill the wish of Carmen Sánchez in her will, will be on display until October 24. Works that have been located in the market, both in Spain and abroad, arrive at the Museo Nacional del Prado to leave an indelible memory. 


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Image credits: Museo Nacional del Prado © Aníbal Trejo. Shutterstock