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Summer 2021 in Espacio. Special Activities

This summer, Espacio Fundación Telefónica is launching great alternatives to fight the heat so that both children and adults can lose track of time for a few hours. Take a look at some of the summer activities we want to recommend. 

Color. The knowledge of the invisible, is a guided tour through the history of color, its use, meaning and its effect on human beings. You will learn how, back in the 16th century, Newton discovered that sunlight could be divided into seven colors with the help of a prism, and from there, the road to the great technological innovations and screens of the present.

Discover why different colors provoke specific sensations and emotions such as joy or sadness with artists such as Roselena Ramistella and her series The Warmth, where she uses a thermal camera to portray vulnerable people. 

The activity is free admission and you can enjoy it until January 22, 2022. Book your ticket and discover the magic of color. 

Joanie. Lemercier. Landscapes of Light, consists of seven immersive sets that seek to reflect the nature that surrounds us through technological advances. This is the first solo exhibition of the French artist in Spain, in which he combines technology with a vision of light landscapes and overexploited nature. 

The use of projected light and videomapping, of which Lemercier is a pioneer in its use, are some of the techniques used to alter your sensory perception. Another crucial element is the use of video images to show landscapes devastated by man to make the visitor reflect. 

The exhibition is free of charge and can be visited until September 26.

The exhibition Cano Lasso. Arquitectura telefónica is a tribute to the rationalist architect Julio Cano Lasso, who was a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando and Gold Medal of Spanish architecture. 


The exhibition seeks to delve into the works Lasso did for Telefónica. One of them, the satellite communications ground station in Buitrago del Lozoya, is an example of the most advanced technology of the time, built in 1967.  

The exhibition can be visited free of charge until October 31.

You can not leave Espacio without visiting History of Telecommunications, an exhibition of 50 pieces that reviews how telecommunications have evolved in Spain, from the telegraph to the cell phone. 

The selected pieces are set in seven chronological thematic blocks accompanied by visual content and touch screens where you can consult information about each utensil and be surprised about the use it had at the time.

The exhibition can be visited free of charge until December 31. 

Espacio Telefónica has everything you need to spend a pleasant time in a nice and cool place, Tuesday to Suday from 10.00h to 19.00h. Book your free ticket on the web and discover Espacio!

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Image credits:  Verano 2021 en Espacio © Fundación Telefónica