Turismo Madrid


A thematic visit and three free guided tours



If you want a change of routine, today we bring you four free plans for you to enjoy some of the best museums with the thematic visits and guided tours they offer. Don't miss out! 

May I have this dance?

Society dances were one of the most valued activities of the high-class. Visit the Museum of Romanticism and learn about all kinds of dances, music and protocols. Staff from the Cultural Curation Team will guide you through this thematic visit that will make you live a unique experience as a member of high society.


The National Museum of Anthropology offers the exhibition Afrotopia during the month of August, where you can discover the work of promising young photographers. You can take a guided tour of the exhibition, which features 35 reports that pose a new optimistic vision of the African continent. 

Through the eyes: Buddhism in the work of Joaquín Sanz

Also at the MNA (National Museum of Anthropology) Joaquín Sanz Méndez presents "Through the gaze: Buddhism in the work of Joaquín Sanz", an exhibition in which guided tours programmed for adults will allow visitors to discover all about the mythology of Buddhism and its life philosophy by the hands of the poetic and pictorial work of Joaquín Sanz.

Fuente del Rey House Museum

If you visit Casa Museo Fuente del Rey, you will find a unique collection made up of collector and patron Francisco Daurella's acquisitions, which are exhibited in what was once his home. More than 3,000 square meters of a building, along with the garden, both restored to accommodate the works in the first museum in Madrid dedicated exclusively to Catalan art.

Do not miss out the opportunity to enjoy these free summer visits and remember: art makes visible what is not always visible.

Image credits: Afrotopía © Museo Nacional de Antropología