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Teatralia circus 2021


Teatralia Circus 2021 is the family festival where for the second consecutive year you will fulfill all your dreams. Circus, dance, music and physical theater are just some of the elements of the four different shows that will be spread over 8 performances on weekends, between July 24 and August 15 The circus awaits you at the Canal Theaters!

On the 25th anniversary of Teatralia, the International Festival of Performing Arts for all audiences of the Community of Madrid, the green and red halls of the Teatros del Canal will alternate to offer shows for children and adults. Shows with all the disciplines and the best known circus arts -magic, juggling, balancing acts,...-, mixed with contemporary dance and theater. 

"Puntocero. Y ahora qué?", circus artists, a painter and a 910-meter rope house, as well as a trapeze and crazy choreographies with dancers hanging on very thin cotton ropes (July 24 and 25, ages 7 and up).

"La gata japonesa. Los viajes de Bowa", an orphan girl who one day finds a message in a bottle and decides to embark on an exciting journey to find the person who sent her the message. 50 minutes of aerial acrobatics combined with humor and poetry (July 31 and August 1, ages 4 and up).

"Cirque Entre Nous. Le Grenier" five people gather in a timeless space to dust off objects and discover dreams they had all forgotten. Guitar music, barre strength exercises and choreographies as well as incredible lighting (August 7 and 8, for all audiences).

"Leandre Clown. Rien à dire" (August 14 and 15) With awards such as the City of Barcelona for Best Staging 2014 or the Circus of Catalonia Award for Best Show 2014, this show is always a safe bet. The function of the clown in this work will be to generate humor with the absence of words. In a space formed by a door, furniture, yellow socks and an umbrella on the ceiling.

The theater has always been a place of expression and freedom and, Teatralia Circus arrives to remind us of it one more year. 

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Image credits: Teatralia Circus © David Tadevosian. Shutterstock