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Live art in the Villas


From July 18 to September 18, the squares of the eleven Villas of Madrid will be flooded with activities and exhibitions related to performance in the public squares that are the meeting places in our daily lives and spaces where the most important events take place. 

This summer enjoy mobile and interactive exhibitions in the region. A new experience that goes beyond an exhibition with performances to experience and feel live art, "Arte vivo en las Villas": Buitrago del Lozoya, Colmenar de Oreja, Chinchón, Manzanares El Real, Navalcarnero, Nuevo Baztán, Patones, San Martín de Valdeiglesias, Torrelaguna and Villarejo de Salvanés.

In July the starting signal will be given by San Martín de Valdeiglesias on the 18th. On the 23rd it will be the turn of Torrelaguna, and Manzanares del Real will fill its squares with exhibitions the following day. On the 30th, Colmenar de Oreja, on July 31st, Navalcarnero, and Rascafría, on August 1st.

In September the performances will return in Villarejo de Salvanés (September 4), Patones (September 5), Chinchón (September 11), Buitrago de Lozoya (September 12) and Nuevo Baztán (September 18).

To make this experience even more enriching, the celebrations will feature national artists, experts in performance, who will share space with local creators. An artistic spectacle in which the body will become the core of the proposal.

The artists will use different techniques to move the public, Alexa Sayago will focus on photography, Lidia Toga, a new illustrator, will use drawing. Marta Pinilla will start with illustration and then move on to installation, sculpture and performance to represent the relationship between the brain and the universe. Rev Silver will show us his music and Miss Beige will carry out a non-verbal work with the image of femininity as a central theme.

Cheer up this summer and take the opportunity to spend a day in one of the eleven Villas of Madrid enjoying and living this innovative experience of live art in their squares and stages #EscenasDeVerano.

More information: Arte vivo en las Villas

Image credits: Arte Vivo en las Villas © Comunidad de Madrid