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La terraza magnética 2021


Open-air cinema, gastronomy and live music are back with La Terraza Magnética on the rooftop of the Casa Encendida. A perfect plan to do with friends, family or as a couple. Every weekend until August 29, spend Saturdays at the movies or have fun on Sundays with live music at La Terraza Magnética.

This summer the novelty of the film series and outdoor concerts is that they can be followed in streaming from anywhere from the Youtube channel of the Casa Encendida. 

The program revolves around the relationship between man and nature and the environment and, therefore, the name of the exhibition is "A vegetable encounter". Thus, both in the projections and in the concerts, the common link will be the importance of the plant world.

As for the films, you can travel to the impressive Amazon jungle with "Aguirre, la cólera de Dios", discover the myths and legends hidden in nature with "Tropical Malady" or enjoy the peace that nature offers us with "Old Joy". 

There will also be space for reflection with titles such as "Taming in the garden", which shows the damage done by man to the Earth and his insatiable desire to exploit it. Other projections represent dystopian worlds with nature as the protagonist, such as "The Shop of Horrors" or "Little Joe". 

As for the music, the works you will have the opportunity to listen to will serve to rethink the relationship we have with nature and the way we understand it.

Participating in the festival will be particular artists such as Bikôkô who will present his first album Aura Aura, the avant-pop and club music sounds of Lizza, the compositions of DJ Marcelle, the Peruvian artist Ale-Hop, the multifaceted Ikram Bouloum, Verde Prato, who sings in Basque and recovers the Basque oral tradition in his songs, the harpist Angelica Salvi, the Venezuelan artist Molero and the Angolan producer DJ Nigga Fox.

Don't miss it this year! Come to a vegetal encounter where you will reconnect with nature thanks to the original works of these international artists and directors.


More information: La Terraza Magnética 2021

Image credits: La Terraza Magnética © La Casa Encendida