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In Ifema's Space 5.1. of an adventure you can take a fascinating journey into the past 65 million years ago. Meet DINO WORLD, a Jurassic experience to delve into the history of the amazing creatures that inhabited our planet long before us: the dinosaurs.

It is a fascinating and unique tour, a playful and educational show perfect for the whole family, where children will become real explorers of the Mesozoic Era, in which the largest dinosaurs lived.

You will be amazed by the large-scale reproductions of different species while you walk through impressive natural spaces in more than 2,500 square meters.

Observe the long neck of the Brachiosaurus, listen to the roars of the Triceratops or the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex, check the wingspan and see the Teranodon fly or compare the size of your hands with the footprints of the huge Diplodocus.

In addition, the exhibition has complete and free audio guides through Google Play and Apple Store, photo opportunities and a kids zone full of fun surprises. You can also dive into the prehistoric oceans, fly on a dinosaur or feel the earth tremble under your feet thanks to virtual reality, without forgetting "Dino Dance", where the little ones will dance with the dinosaurs. 

On Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays this summer, dare to travel back in time and live an exciting adventure in the world of dinosaurs with DINO WORLD!

More information: ¡DINO WORLD!

Créditos imagen: ¡DINO WORLD! © Orla. Shutterstock