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Dramatized visits to Nuevo Baztán


The Interpretation Center of Nuevo Baztán, until October 8, offers this summer the possibility of knowing this quiet village with free dramatized visits for all audiences and mysteries unknown to many: "Between factories and palaces. A walk through Nuevo Bazán'' and the night visits "A night of San Juan in Nuevo Bazán".


In "between factories and palaces'', by the company Delabarca, will tell the love story between Martin Irigoyen, officer of the factory of crystals and glass, and Paquita Abaurrea, daughter of the treasurer of Nuevo Baztan.  Visitors will learn what daily family life was like in the eighteenth century. 

The Madrid night is also young and especially in summer.  In charge of the company Saltatium, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the classic and funny comedy of entanglement in the dramatized visits of "a night of San Juan in Nuevo Baztán".

A traditional sainete of the 18th century starring Don Juan de Goyeneche, his wife Doña María de Balza and some of his workers.

Juan de Goyeneche was a businessman and royal treasurer, which led to the establishment of the first factories in 1715, such as the one for hats or textile articles. One of the main Spanish architects, José Benito de Churriguera, was commissioned by Goyeneche to build the industrial and urban complex of the town, in which the palace and the church stand out.

To participate in the dramatized visits it is essential to register in advance, as seating is limited. 


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