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Everything is in Madrid


From now on you can explore Madrid not only by walking through the streets, but also through the internet with the interactive map that the city has launched, discover all that Madrid has to offer!


The initiative aims to make the city's hotels and stores, services and establishments available to everyone, locals, visitors and tourists, according to their activity, commercial area and neighborhood, indicating the geolocation of each location: hotels and accommodation, travel agencies, restaurants, cinema, dance, cultural activities and shows, adventure and sports, beauty, accessories, fashion, technology, music, car rental, etc. 

The digital guide includes Routes through Madrid: centenarians, the Saturday flea market, stores in the Centro district, pastry shops, Madrid markets and bars and restaurants. 

Madrid's stores with more than 100 years of history; the unique flea market Saturdays every two weeks; stores of all kinds in the Centro district; pastry shops throughout the city; Madrid's markets with the best fresh produce for eating and tapas; and the best streets for eating or going out for a beer or beer.

The platform includes descriptions of each establishment, with information such as social networks and telephone numbers, among others. In addition, it allows each establishment to link its own web page to its own web page to redirect the user through a direct link.

On the map you can select only your area or, if you feel adventurous, you can see the complete map of the city that will indicate in one of the 21 districts of the city, the registered establishments. By zooming in on a particular area, more markers open up, allowing you to see the local restaurants and stores in each neighborhood.

Start exploring Madrid and live new experiences!


More information: Everything is in Madrid 

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