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 “Paseos musicales del Botánico” y “Noches del Botánico”


If you want to enjoy the best live music surrounded by nature, we are sure you will love these two plans. The "Musical Walks in the Botanical Gardens", -music and nature in a historical, artistic and natural space as exclusive as the Royal Botanical Gardens-, and the "Nights in the Botanical Gardens", the most magical open-air nights, what are you waiting for? 

Musical walks in the Botanical Gardens
Enjoy "Los paseos musicales del Botánico", the night concerts in the Rosaleda, the Glorieta de los Plátanos and the Glorieta de los Castaños del Botánico. On Fridays during the summer months, until September 17, a new series of eighteen concerts offered by the Caixabank Symphony Orchestra.  

This Symphony Orchestra is a group of young musicians from all over Spain. Young talents under the direction of José Sanchís.  

It is an initiative of La Fábrica and CaixaBank, a proposal to unite classical music and nature with a repertoire of pieces by great composers. Bach, Handel, Mendelssohn, Hoffmeister, Mozart, Shostakovich, Gugliemi, Dvorak, Carlos Gardel and Edith Piaf are some of the great masters of this journey through various periods in the history of music.

The Rosaleda will feature a concert by cello soloist Clara Muñoz, while the Glorieta de los Plátanos will host a flute and viola duet by Guillermo Gil, Gala Kossakowski and Lope Morales. In the Glorieta de los Castaños, will perform a string quartet by Sonia Benavent, Elena Vallecillo, Abel Nafee and Guillermo Pérez. 

The perfect occasion to enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty through relaxing classical music. You can't miss it! 

Botanical Nights
Don't miss the fifth edition of "Noches del Botánico", a wonderful cycle of afternoon and evening concerts, to be held at the Royal Botanical Garden of Alfonso XIII of the Complutense University of Madrid.

A very special edition of this eclectic and alternative festival that will begin on Friday, June 11 and will have two different areas: the restaurant and recreation area, and the auditorium, where concerts will be held until August 1. 

Among the national and international stars of the fifth anniversary, Amaral, Love of Lesbian, Nathy Peluso, WOODKID, Fangoria and Nancys Rubias, Los Secretos, Ismael Serrano, Jorge Drexler, Rosario, Miguel Ríos, Andrés Suárez, Víctor Manuel, Dorian and many more. An impressive line-up of artists that will leave you open-mouthed! 

"Noches del Botánico" offers you the best live music! A wide range of music of all genres for any kind of audience. 

More information: Noches del Botánico  

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