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Sound Isidro 2021 Festival

The festival and live music is back this year with the Festival Sound Isidro 2021, with almost 60 participating artists, who will hold their concerts in fifteen venues in Madrid. You can check all the concerts in the program, let yourself be carried away by the music!

The eighth edition of the great concert series can be enjoyed until June 26 at El Sol, Siroco, Clamores, La Riviera, Trash Can Club, Tempo Audiophile Club, El Sótano, Café La Palma, Maravillas Club, Sala MON Live, Nazca Music Live, Contraclub, Hangar 48, Rockville Madrid and Vesta. 

An emerging music festival where you can enjoy national and international bands and artists of urban pop, post-punk, rap, metal, alternative rock, bedroom pop and electronic music.

This year's line-up includes London rap artist R.A.E., big names in alternative rock such as L.A.; and new urban pop stars such as Luna Ki, Chico Blanco, Rusowsky or $kyhook & Rico Snchez & Highkili. You will also find new post-punk promises like La Plata, Somos la Herencia, VVV, Auto Sacramental or Luz Futuro.

In addition, artists that bring a new model for popular music like Zuaraz will participate, while others focus on the deepest sounds of metal like Ànteros, Lazharus, Crossed or Oscuro Culto.

All of them are just some of the wide catalog of artists that will participate in this edition of the festival. This year celebrates music like never before, two months full of concerts where we are sure you will have a great time.

Experience the music and its great diversity at the Sound Isidro Festival 2021, the festival that brings together the new promises. Do not let the music stop!

More information: Festival Sound Isidro 2021.

Image credits: San Isidro Sound poster.