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Route by the viewpoints of the Sierra de Guadarrama

If you are looking for a weekend getaway and enjoy nature, we bring you the perfect plan: a route through the viewpoints of the Sierra de Guadarrama. Dare to know some of these wonderful natural viewpoints and contemplate the beauty of the landscapes of the region.

A tour of eight privileged places for photography that offer some of the most beautiful views of the Sierra de Madrid. 

Visit the Alto del Hilo viewpoint, which will offer you a 360º view of the Sierra and you can enjoy the Barranca valley (to the north), the Sierra del Hoyo if you look to the south, Cuerda de los Porrones to the east and the Navacerrada reservoir in the foreground to the west.

There is no better time than spring to go and observe the green of the fenced fields of the Cercedilla depression from the Mirador de la Pelona. In addition, you will have great views of the Siete Picos.

If you want to have an interesting panoramic view of some of the most remarkable mountainous units of the sierra such as the hills of Navacerrada, Collado Mediano or Moralzarzal, we recommend you to go to the Mirador de Guadarrama. Do not forget to include binoculars in your backpack, you will appreciate the landscape much better!

The next stop we offer you is the Mirador de la Presa del Embalse de Navacerrada that will offer you a breathtaking view of the dam and the depression of Navacerrada from an exceptional location.

The Mirador del Monte de "El Chaparral", located in the municipality of Manzanares el Real, will not leave you indifferent with its impressive views of the Cuerda Larga, the whole of La Pedriza, the valley of Samburiel and Manzanares. It will be hard to resist taking out your camera to immortalize the moment.

If you go to the Mirador de la Ermita Virgen del Rosario, you will enjoy excellent views of the mountains of Hoyo de Manzanares, Horst de Cabeza Illescas, pastures and pastures of Manzanares and Soto del Real. In addition, you can appreciate the granite cliffs of La Pedriza, Hueco de San Blas and Cuerda Larga.

In the Mirador de la Ermita de San Antonio, the spectacular panoramic view of the Golondrina and Maliciosa hills stands out.

Finally, if you decide to go to the Quebrantaherraduras viewpoint, you will have the opportunity to enjoy unbeatable views of the Manzanares River, a pine forest located in this area, La Pedriza and the Cuerda Larga.

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Image credits: Navacerrada reservoir viewpoint©Diego Photographer_Shutterstock