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The Prado launches its first virtual tour in Spanish and English

The Museo Nacional del Prado launches its first virtual tour in Spanish and English in which you can visit the rooms of the exhibition 'Mythological Passions' with the best quality currently available thanks to the very high resolution Gigapixel technology of Second Canvas, which offers a millimeter zoom level, and the sponsorship of the BBVA Foundation.

A commented tour in which you can enjoy from your computer and other devices the 29 great works of Titian, Velázquez, Ribera, Rubens or Van Dyck of the exhibition, as you have never seen them before, in detail, even observing the brushstrokes or signature.

In addition to the visit, from anywhere in the world or without leaving home, you can also take a virtual tour from the hand of one of the curators of the exhibition, Alejandro Vergara.

Of the 29 works, you can find seven that offer a more advanced level of zoom, which allows you to go even beyond what you could see with the naked eye. In addition, the works are enhanced with commentaries that the museum's experts have prepared especially for this virtual tour, with which you will discover the symbolism, technique and characters. 

The seven works with the extreme zoom are: "Venus enjoying music" and "Danae receiving the golden rain by Titian"; "The garden of love" and "Diana and Callisto" and "The three Graces by Rubens"; "Venus and Adonis" by Veronese; and "The spinners" by Velazquez. 

Don't miss this great opportunity to get to know some of the rooms of the Prado Museum from a new perspective. From home you will be able to approach the works as you have never done before and observe new details that went unnoticed. 

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Image credits: Museo del Prado©Anibal Trejo_Shutterstock