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May 2nd Festivities 2021

From April 24 to May 3, the streets of Madrid will be filled with exhibitions, shows and activities to celebrate, once again, the Fiestas del 2 de mayo. You can enjoy more than 100 activities such as film sessions, theater exhibitions, puppet shows, dance, music and much more in 44 municipalities in the region.

Among the most outstanding activities this year is, on the one hand, the "Luis García Berlanga Centenary". A tribute to this great Spanish director and screenwriter through documentaries on his life, such as the one to be screened on April 30 at the Cinestudio of the Círculo de Bellas Artes entitled "Por la Gracia de Luis", and broadcasts of his works such as "Se vende un Tranvía" (April 30), "El Verdugo" (May 1) and "Patrimonio Nacional" (May 2). 

On the other hand, during these days you can also be part of "Juntos por el Flamenco", a series of performances and shows of music, song and dance of the Spanish flamenco scene in tablaos and scenic spaces: the Teatros del Canal, de la Abadía, and Real Carlos III, Cultural Centers Paco Rabal, Pilar Miró and Humanities La Cabrera, and the Lope de Vega Museum. An ode to this genre! 

In addition, if you want to enjoy your aperitif on weekends in a different way, listening to live music, take advantage and sign up for the Vermouth Session.

As for exhibitions, the Lope de Vega Museum has a thematic visit on April 24 called "Lope in the center of the world" which is to know in depth the Golden Age and its relationship with the author. Also on April 24, you can attend a performance of one of his most emblematic works: El perro del Hortelano. 

On April 29, the museum offers a conference-performance entitled "El Fénix de la danza". On May 3, the courtyard of the Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes in Alcalá de Henares will host the artistic intervention "Noli me tangere". 

For its part, the Picasso Museum in Buitrago del Lozoya presents the concert "Picasso never ends" on April 24. Also, during these days of celebrations you will have the opportunity to visit dozens of temporary exhibitions.

Do not miss this opportunity, cheer up this year, participate and enjoy the most popular festivities of the Community of Madrid. You will love it!

More information: Madrid.org | Fiestas del 2 de mayo 2021

Image credits: Fiestas del 2 de mayo 2021. Community of Madrid