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240 activities

From April 1st to June, the Community of Madrid organizes 240 free activities in which you can learn and enjoy the outdoors this spring. What are you waiting for to sign up?

Don't miss this opportunity and sign up to get to know your natural and cultural heritage, enjoying the activities and leisure in nature and the rural environment of the region!

The only thing you have to do to participate is to register in advance at each of the eight Environmental Education Centers (CEA), where on weekends and holidays there are different workshops, activities, trails, exhibitions and guided tours.

The Luis Ceballos Arboretum (San Lorenzo de El Escorial) includes in its program activities related to photography, bird watching, and tours through the forest to learn about the flora and fauna of the area.

In Bosque Sur (Leganés) there are participatory gardens and workshops in which you will learn different knowledge such as the different seasonal vegetables, how to make homemade bread or how to identify different types of butterflies and nocturnal birds of prey. 

There are others, such as learning about insect hotels or knowing how to identify pollinators that are possible thanks to the center's collaboration with the Madrid Institute for Rural, Agricultural and Food Research and Development (IMIDRA).

At Caserío del Henares (San Fernando de Henares), along with workshops, participatory orchards, trails and guided tours or bicycle routes along the Henares River, there is also a volunteer program that seeks to raise awareness of forest conservation called Por el Bosque Vivo (For the Living Forest).

In El Águila (Chapinería) temporary exhibitions on biodiversity and living organisms have been programmed. You can also enjoy workshops on natural dyes or the cultivation of mushrooms, and visits to producers of the Madrid orchard.

If you decide to go to El Campillo (Rivas Vaciamadrid), you can visit the El Campillo lagoon in the nature reserve of the Southeast Regional Park or the Los Venero Lagoon, participate in group activities to raise awareness about the importance of keeping rivers and oceans clean and in workshops to identify animal tracks or bird nests.

'Tourism at your own pace' is an initiative that consists of carrying out activities related to the nature of places such as Pinilla de Buitrago or El Berrueco. This project is developed in El Cuadrón (Garganta de Los Montes). But that's not all, in this center you can also be part of the Primavera slow: activities that seek to achieve a deep connection with nature through relaxation techniques or guided tours.

In the Hayedo de Montejo (Montejo de la Sierra), you can sign up for guided tours through this protected natural area in the Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve, but if you want to participate you will have to sign up quickly as groups are limited to a maximum of 8 people!

Last but not least, in Polvoranca (Leganés), in addition to trails and guided tours through the Polvoranca Park, which has more than 400 plant species and a great variety of animals, especially birds, there is a scape room and a fun family game with GPS called Geocatching, 

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