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 Panorama Madrid 01

Enjoy Panorama Madrid 01, a selection of the 10 best exhibitions from Madrid galleries, which can be visited until August 29 at CentroCentro. A new date with contemporary art.

This exhibition gathers the most relevant and significant proposals of the year with the purpose of giving visibility to these works that, sometimes, can go unnoticed by the general public. That is why now is the time to value them.

The exhibitions that have been selected have one thing in common, and that is that they are individual works. They are projects that stand out through a variety of formats, from installation to sculpture, through painting or the creation of videos, to creations that bring us closer to the styles of the twentieth century.

The selected works are: "Pura calle" by Tamara Arroyo; "Obras de 1971 a 1995" by Elena Asins; "Voy, sí" by June Crespo; "El triple trazo. 1948-1952" by Óscar Domínguez; "Lina Bo Bardi-Un maravilloso enredo" by Isaac Julien; "Subjects in Mirror are Closer than they Appear" by Cristina Lucas; "Tropic-Ana" by Ana Mendieta; "Tripalium" by Juan Luis Moraza; "textura, tensión, espacio [1970-1985]" by Aurèlia Muñoz; and "Verão" by Ana Santos.

From the galleries of NF/Nieves Fernández, Elvira González, Heinrich Ehrhard, Guillermo de Osma, Helga de Alvear, Albarrán Bourdais, NoguerasBlanchard, Espacio Mínimo, José de la Mano and The Goma. 

Panorama Madrid 01 is, without a doubt, a meeting point for artistic creation in all its splendor, with a jury made up of five critics from the specialized press, such as Bea Espejo, Luisa Espino, Marta Gómez, Laura Revuelta and Rocío de la Villa. Admission to the exhibition is free.

More information: PANORAMA MADRID 01

Image credits: Panorama Madrid 01 poster©CentroCentro