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A walk through the Henares lagoons

Tired of routine? We have the solution: a walk through the lagoons and the dam of the Henares River, in the Regional Park of Southeast Are you ready? We explain the way you should follow! 

This is a simple and low-difficulty route, a walking tour, although depending on the time of year, the lagoon is not always visible. 

We start the route from the recreational area of "Las Islillas" in Mejorada del Campo, in addition to enjoying the outdoor walk from this protected enclave of the region you can also enjoy bird watching in the ornithological observatory.

We continue the path along the dirt road, turning left to get a closer look at the water of the Henares River, and then enter the mouth of the Jarama River.

The path becomes smaller and smaller, but we continue walking parallel to the Henares River leaving it to our left. From time to time there will be an open clearing in the forest and we can contemplate the river. We pass the remains of an old bridge. Shortly after, we embark on a dirt road. We turn left, and continue along the road, and soon we will see a series of buildings. 

A little further on we reach the dam of the Henares River. The road goes close to the base of the gypsum cliffs that delimit the valley of the Henares, on our left. To our right are the lagoons of the dam, a natural space of ecological interest included in the Catalog of Wetlands of the Community of Madrid and the Spanish Inventory of Wetlands. 

The trail crosses a barrier and before reaching the railroad viaduct we turn right to reach the parking lot. Route finished!

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Image credits: Lagunas del Henares©Peizais_Shutterstock