Turismo Madrid


Esta Semana Santa disfruta de los Restaurantes y Tabernas Centenarios

Do you know what your parents were doing 20 years ago, your grandparents 40 years ago, your great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents for more than a century? Yes, they did the same as you. Enjoying Madrid, without going any further. In our own way. In the centenary taverns and restaurants that are still in fashion. Because good things never go out of fashion.

In the heart of Madrid, the centenary restaurants and taverns are waiting for you with their load of tradition, culture and stories. Ask this Easter for your tapa or special dish and enjoy those recipes of a lifetime, made with love, work and sacrifice of those who run them. They will serve you, simmered and seasoned, the history of your city, of your people.

Between tradition and modernity you can travel back in time to relive gatherings with Galdós or Valle-Inclán, have a glass of wine with Hemingway and even witness attacks against kings.

Here is a list of these jewels of the city: centenary restaurants.

Don't think twice and this Easter enjoy the centenary restaurants and taverns, and don't forget to ask for their special dish or tapa!