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Guided tours of the Royal Tapestry Factory

The Royal Tapestry Factory celebrates its 300th anniversary with guided tours, in Spanish and English, to remember the importance of textile art and craftsmanship. The public can witness its magnificent tapestry collection and long history, while observing the work of the weavers. 

The guided tour offers, for 40 minutes, the opportunity to travel to a bygone era and learn about the stories and traditions. The tour through the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries is possible thanks to a myriad of carpets, paintings and tapestries from the collection, which includes both own and deposit pieces.

In turn, the Royal Factory also pays tribute to the collection of tapestries that Goya painted on cardboard and with which he contributed to the history of textile art. 

On the other hand, the living museum shows the ancient craft and art of the artisans and weavers, who still use the techniques of the 18th century. Visitors can learn about conservation and restoration work, as well as the evolution they have undergone.   

Founded in 1721 by Philip V, it has witnessed countless changes in Madrid and the country. The headquarters is a neo-Mudejar building located in a privileged setting, the Paseo del Arte in Madrid, and was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest because after having lived through III centenaries, the Royal Factory still continues today to manufacture and restore carpets, tapestries and reposteros, luxury fabrics.

In addition to guided tours in Spanish and English, it also offers exclusive visits for special groups, the possibility of a virtual tour and unique activities from Monday to Friday, for all audiences. 


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Image credits: Manufacture of Carpets©Real Fábrica de Tapices