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Cycle "Music and religions"

The Fundación Orquesta y Coro de la Comunidad de Madrid (FORCAM) returns to the stage with the most important religious works. Until June 29, the Symphonic Hall of the National Auditorium will host the subscription cycle "Music and Religions" for the audience to enjoy the varied repertoire. 

The artistic director, Víctor Pablo Pérez, has designed the event's program with the aim of emphasizing the importance of music in difficult times. The series will feature symphonic-choral concerts, five of which will be dedicated to "Music and Religions". 

Great masters such as Rafal Blechacz, Dmytro Choni or Baldur Brönnimann will recover their works cancelled due to confinement. Meanwhile, Jorge Arguelles and Juan Durán will premiere their new programs on the coexistence of religions.

The event will also feature Joseph Haydn and his interpretation of Stabat Mater; Michael Haydn's Requiem; and Rossini's Stabat Mater along with a Spanish quartet. 

This year, Mireia Barrera will be in charge of conducting the great majority of the symphonic-choral programs, together with guests Josep Vila, Jordi Casas or Eamonn Dougan. In turn, the Pequeños Cantores and Jóvenes Cantoras of Ana González will delight thanks to their three programs with the Orchestra and Choir. 

On the other hand, Christian Zacharias will give prominence to young musicians, forming and taking charge of two programs of the JORCAM and ORCAM.

More information: Cycle "Music and Religions". 

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