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Chinchón, Route of Traditions and Customs

Escaping from routine and discovering new places has never been so easy. The Community of Madrid offers endless options for all tastes that go beyond the center of the city of Madrid. Do you dare to discover one of its most beautiful villages? 

Chinchón is only 47 kilometers from the capital, but it is one of the great unknown. Its route through traditions and customs will transport you to a bygone era to connect with nature and have a good time.

The itinerary begins in the south of the town, in the Castle of the Counts, a fortress of the fifteenth century that was a victim of the War of Succession and the French troops. It managed to resist and nowadays, although it is not possible to visit its interior, it offers one of the best views of Chinchón. 

You can also enjoy one of the most historic buildings of the town: the Casa de la Cadena. A seventeenth-century manor house that owes its name to the chain on the door for the security it offered to King Philip V and his entourage during their stay. Today it is still recognizable by its large facade and majestic coat of arms.

The Plaza Mayor, a 15th century medieval square, is one of the most beautiful in Spain and an ideal place to recharge your batteries. A wide variety of bars, inns and restaurants and wineries, tapas and wines of Madrid will welcome you and you can enjoy its rich gastronomy, its traditional Castilian cuisine and famous local products.

Besides leaving you with a good taste in your mouth, the symbol of the city mixes traditions and history with its old laundry, balconies and terraces.

On the way to the Clock Tower, which was part of the old church of Nuestra Señora de Gracia, you can walk through the typical streets of the town and "the columns of the French". The steep road will have its reward with the scenery of the top, which will encourage you to discover the saying "Chinchón has a tower without a church, and a church without a tower".  

The route ends at the Lope de Vega Theater, built in 1891 on the former Palace of the Counts and known as "The little bombonera". Discover the secrets of its interior and let yourself be surprised! A charming city that will make you fall in love.

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Image credits: Plaza Mayor of Chinchón©Lukasz Janyst_Shutterstock