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Free Plans

Today we bring you 4 free plans perfect for a family day out. If you need to get out of the routine and are looking for a different activity... Here we propose several options!

Lope, engraved in time
On Saturdays and Sundays of the last three weeks of March, enjoy a family workshop at the Lope de Vega House Museum in Madrid. You can learn an art that has been fundamental in the world of books and with which we have been able to know the faces of many of our writers. A fabulous plan to get out of the routine!

The workshop is adapted for all ages, so that children can learn the whole process with materials suitable for them and manageable, while adults delve into more advanced techniques.

M for eme. Strolling through Madrid
Until May 23, on the fourth floor of CentroCentro, visit this exhibition where you can see the illustrations about Madrid published by the magazine published by the City Council. In this exhibition have participated, along with the magazine, more than 70 guest authors, giving their personal vision on the print and the peculiarities of Madrid. 

The exhibition will give a new value to these illustrations, offering a comprehensive perspective that will serve as a tribute to the multiple sensibilities that have occupied the pages of the magazine throughout its history.

1,2,3... Photo!
A photography workshop for the whole family, perfect for beginners, which will be available until May 29 at the Centro de Arte de Alcobendas. The workshop lasts one hour and is divided into several sections: camera obscura, technical evolution, cyanotype workshop, photography and our Cultural Heritage and "How we have changed".

Quixancho 2021 Theatrical Animations
On Saturdays 6, 13 and 30 enjoy at the Cervantes Birthplace Museum a hilarious theatrical animation in which the squire Sancho tells us the "little battles" lived with Don Quixote. The perfect way to bring the little ones closer to this work that represents one of the classics of Castilian literature. 


Image credits: Workshops 1,2,3...Photo ©Álvaro Yaner. Madrid_Madrid_Community