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Winter Journey

Until November 24 you can enjoy "Winter Journey" ('Winterreise'), a musical cycle for young performers of 8 classical music concerts at the CentroCentro Auditorium. Admission will be free and free of charge after picking up at the CentroCentro box office from 5:00 pm on the same day of the concert, until full capacity is reached.

"Winter Journey" is a poetic journey through the darkness, isolation and cold of both the outside world and our inner self. The 8 concerts with artists from various genres of contemporary music, are a contemporary reflection on the song cycle of Franz Schubert with the distant, but present historical music.

Performers and composers have been invited to present their projects and works created during the last months, as well as creations linked to the theme of the original cycle. The result is a "Winter Journey" of today, a journey through the landscape of musical creation today and the dialogue with the past.

During the pandemic, the world of culture has been caught up in a "cultural winter" due to the situation of musicians. Many of the musicians and creators in this series are young artists who have been hit hard by the pandemic at a very important time in their careers. Therefore, the concert is in part a dedication to this "Winter Journey", with a look towards a new artistic spring.

The project aims to bring a new public closer to classical and contemporary music and to awaken interest in musical expression and creation of all times. A meeting point for those who are new to classical music as well as for the more experienced.

The following concerts will be 'Introspection' (March 31), 'Digital Solitude' (April 28), 'Moons' (May 26), 'Distances' (June 30), 'Reflections on Winterreise' (September 29), 'Emigrations' (October 27), and 'In Black and White' (November 24).

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