Turismo Madrid


Travel at home

Today we propose 5 new plans to travel from home, don't miss them!

Torrelaguna 360º Virtual Tour
With this 360º Virtual Tour you can visit the beautiful town of Torrelaguna from your home. You can enjoy places like the Palacio de Salinas, the Ermita de la Soledad, the church of Santa María Magdalena and other places that will amaze you.

Virtual Patones
Visit the "little kingdom" of Patones through its Virtual Tour, with which you can walk through the streets of the town and visit its most outstanding places such as Patones de Arriba and Patones de Abajo; or the Pontón de la Oliva, which was the first dam in Madrid.

A Virtual Walk through Alcalá Street in the 18th Century
Travel back in time to visit the Calle de Alcalá as it was in the 18th century thanks to the Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando. Through this tour that starts from the work "Vista de la calle de Alcalá" by Antonio Joli, we will be able to form an image of what Alcalá Street was like during the so-called "century of lights".

Virtual Tour of Rascafría
In this tour you will start from an impressive aerial view of Rascafría. From the top of the city you can choose to "go on foot" to walk the Blue Route through the old town or visit some of the most emblematic places such as the Church of San Andrés or the Museum of Costume, among others.

Puerta del Sol 360º Tour
In this tour of Puerta del Sol you will travel back in time to 1854, thanks to the 3D virtual recreation of the digital library Memoria de Madrid. In it you will be able to appreciate a multitude of details of the time, from the clothes of the citizens to posters, and original photographs of that period.


Image credits: ©Shutterstock