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Museum of Romanticism

Do you know this palace that shows the Spain of Romanticism? A true recreation of uses and customs of the high bourgeoisie of the time. Now you have two more excuses to visit it:

"Family Portrait"
Until February 21, you can visit this work by Valeriano Domínguez Bécquer in Room XV: Boudoir. This piece, belonging to the Museum of Cadiz, is part of the program "The Invited Work", which seeks to deepen the knowledge about Romanticism, thus complementing the works of the permanent exhibition.

"A walk through the Museum"
Getting to know the history and art of Romanticism Spain is now easier through "A Walk through the Museum". The Walk consists of four panoramic visits with which you will see in a different way the collections and rooms that make up the exhibition. You can't help but be enriched by this spectacular display of one of the most important artistic periods in the history of Spain.

An opportunity to learn in depth about this historical period, as well as the people who played a leading role in it and, in some way, made it possible. One of the most important and revolutionary cultural movements of our history that, undoubtedly, the Museum of Romanticism brings us closer in a very special way. 

You can also take a tour of the museum and get to know its most outstanding pieces by taking a period walk through its interactive rooms. 


Image credits: ©Museumofromanticism