Turismo Madrid


Temporary exhibitions

If you like photography, sculpture, painting or creation, don't miss these temporary exhibitions that you can enjoy in the capital: 

Paco Gómez
Until June 20, 2021 you can see in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando the most iconic photographs of Paco Gomez. Considered by many authors the best and most relevant photographer of the generation of the seventies, Gómez shows, through simple snapshots, desolate landscapes, abandoned objects... of which he makes poetry.   

Patrick Hamilton. "The Red Greenhouse"
This interactive sculpture, designed by artist Patrick Hamilton, will be located in the South Patio of the Centro Conde Duque, from February 3 to May 2, 2021. With this representation, the artist intends to place visitors in a greenhouse where they will find relationships and metaphors about climate change, the economy and the crises currently plaguing society. 

Pérez Villalta. "Art as a labyrinth"
At the Sala Alcalá 31, from February 18 until April 25 enjoy a free guided tour through the exhibition of the artist Pérez Villalta. "Art as a labyrinth" is a journey that forces the viewer to get lost among the works of the author, in an unconventional way. By means of a labyrinth built in the hall, visitors can get to know the works of Pérez Villalta without a linear route. 

Carmela García. "Authors of Utopias"
Until May 2 in the Canal Isabel II Hall, the most recent work of the artist Carmela García is exhibited free of charge. In it, it is intended to show a utopia where women are not subjected to the clichés of patriarchy and in which everything that has been taught to women so far is deconstructed. Through different audiovisual tools such as video, photography or installation, Carmela brings us closer to a utopia that she wishes to happen. 

Image credits: ©Memoria_Comunidad de Madrid