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Trails Torrelodones

Did you know that more than half of the territory of Torrelodones are protected areas? This is due to the large number of natural resources that the municipality has, such as the Biosphere Reserve of the Cuenca Alta of the Manzanares River or the Regional Park of the Middle Course of the Guadarrama River. 

Now, you can discover them both by bike and on foot and enjoy incredible landscapes much closer to home than you thought. In this guide you will find 15 routes that pass through true natural paradises where vehicles do not reach, so that nothing can distract your attention. 

The terrain of Torrelodones is ideal for a bike ride or on foot and the trails run along tracks and historic roads of the Community, such as the Camino de Pradillo, or livestock trails such as the Cordel de Hoyo de Manzanares or the Cordel de Valladolid. 

Surrounded by nature, the 15 itineraries of this Madrid town allow you to enjoy some of the most unique places and landscapes of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

The Pendolero, Bomberos or bike lane paths from the Outarelo bridge, and the Tapia del Pardo and Arroyo de Trufas, Trofa or Berzosilla stream routes are of low difficulty and can be easily covered.

They are not long routes that have physical difficulties, which makes them recommended for leisure and family tourism and those of Madrid who want to enjoy the calm, nature and spend a day outdoors away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

More information: Torrelodones footpath network. 

Image credits:  ©Zhukovvvlad_Shutterstock