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Remedios necropolis

Touring the Remedios Necropolis Site virtually is now possible thanks to new technologies. This initiative will allow you to know, without leaving your home, the different archaeological findings that show the funerary architecture that took place in Colmenar Viejo thousands of years ago.

The site, from the Visigothic period, is located at an altitude of 1,000 meters above Navalmojón, Soto del Real, Los Villares and Colmenar Viejo. There, tombs with human remains, grave goods and a Roman cairn from the 1st century were found.
This archaeological discovery is a sample of one of the latest necropolis of the ancient world and has been conditioned for years to achieve a visitable excavation. 

The necropolis that forms the site shows us two main types of graves in terms of its funerary architecture, both can be seen in detail in the virtual tour. In addition, you can learn about funerary practices and rituals, as is the case of the burials that were practiced in Los Remedios. Thus, it is also possible to see the relics used for these funerary acts. 

Both the tombs excavated in the rock of the Remedios site and the nearby necropolis of Fuente del Mor provide important information to understand the heritage and history, the life of the time and the creation and historical context of the necropolis. An original and different experience to understand the past.

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Image credits:  ©Openfinal_Shutterstock