Turismo Madrid


Red Itiner

75 municipalities in the capital are part of Red Itiner, a collaborative platform between the Community of Madrid and the City Councils that temporarily move exhibitions to different municipalities throughout Madrid.

The exhibitions are of various kinds, so you can find everything from samples of photographs, sculptures or audiovisual works, to exhibitions on topics such as anthropology or literature. 

From January 28th to December 29th 2021, the Red Itiner brings us, this year, four great exhibitions that you can't miss:

"Picasso, Miró, Dalí. The great Spanish masters of the 20th century. Graphic work"
This exhibition will travel around Madrid showing the different facets of these three masters of painting, through a collection of 40 totally original prints. In them, you will be able to appreciate the revolution that initiated a new way of shaping art in Spain with new supports and languages. 

"Francisco Ontañón. Craft and creation"
You will have the opportunity to appreciate the career of one of the greatest exponents of Spanish photography. His exhibition "Craft and Creation" combines his two facets: professional and personal. You will also be able to enjoy the photographs taken by Ontañón for Daniel Gil or Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente. 

"The women of Goya. Graphic work"
In this traveling exhibition, you will be able to learn and observe how Goya captured the figure of women in his works. The artist showed a concept of woman that was quite different from that of his time, leaving aside the passive facet of the woman and portraying her as an active character in his paintings. From Agustina de Aragón to prostitutes, all of them had a place in the artist's works in different ways. 

"Mediterranean. Martin Parr"
The British Martin Parr, photographer of the Magnum Agency, portrays, through his collection of photographs "Mediterranean", the most traditional moments of the beaches of this sea during the 90s. His social photography, not exempt from criticism for his first snapshots, has a unique and innovative character. Do not miss this travelling exhibition, which has filled rooms in major museums throughout Europe, which can now be closer to your home than ever.  

Image credits:  ©Jenoche_Shutterstock