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Senda ‘las formas de La Pedriza’

The outdoor plans are always a good idea, and not only because they allow us to be active and maintain our physical shape a bit, but also because they take us to different places in the region of great beauty. This week we are going to La Pedriza, in the middle of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, to walk a very particular path. Let's start!

If you are thinking of enjoying a day with family, friends, or with whomever you decide, but in the open air, we invite you to stay in the Region of Madrid, if you live here, or to visit us, if you read us from another geographical point, in order to take a unique tour, which will allow you to enjoy beautiful natural landscapes.

We are going to the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, and more specifically to the town of Manzanares El Real, as this is where the path 'las formas de la Pedriza' starts and ends. This is a circular route suitable for everyone, as it has two versions, a short 1.5 kilometre route of less difficulty, and a longer 8.3 kilometre route with a greater gradient and accumulated unevenness.  https://turismomadrid.es/es/descubre/sierra-guadarrama/7067-manzanares-el-real.html https://www.parquenacionalsierraguadarrama.es/es/descargas/download/4-folletos/20-formas-pedriza

As you can see, you have no excuse, as this route is marked and designed so that anyone who wishes to do so may do so without any problem. So, we go to the car park of Canto Cochino, from where we will start, to know the vast geological heritage of the region, through the different rocks that we will see during our journey, that with the passing of time, and due to the erosion, offer us a beautiful view, full of colour and impressive shapes, thanks also to the flora of this area.

This route joins the more than 300 kilometres of paths already existing in the Park, so if you still want more, you can always programme another break to continue enjoying nature. But don't forget your camera!

Esta ruta, se une a los más de 300 kilómetros de senderos ya existentes en el Parque, por lo que si te has quedado con ganas de más, siempre puedes programar otra escapada para seguir disfrutando de la naturaleza. Eso sí, ¡no olvides tu cámara!

More info: Senda las formas de La Pedriza

Image credits: Comunidad de Madrid