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De viaje por la Alcarria

Without a doubt, one of the most charming areas of the Region of Madrid is known as 'Alcarria Alcalaína', a space of great beauty thanks to its variety of landscapes and ecosystems. On this occasion, we will stop at three towns to get to know them better: Ambite, Olmeda de las Fuentes and Pezuela de las Torres. Let's get started!

We are in one of the areas with the largest green area in the region, the so-called 'Alcarria Alcalaína', it is not surprising for this reason, that it is one of the favorite places for hiking lovers, since here, run a series of routes, which enjoy an ideal day in touch with nature.

It is in this setting that we will make our first stop, as just over 50 kilometres separate the capital from our destination: Ambite. This town, located very close to the Tajuña River, offers us an interesting historical centre, through which the Tajuña Greenway and the 40-Day Railway run, which will lead us to enjoy a wonderful natural environment, which is the objective of most of the tourists who come to the town. https://turismomadrid.es/es/descubre/las-vegas/7149-ambite.html

We move now to Olmeda de las Fuentes, a town that has inspired many painters, which located in the 'Baja Alcarria', proposes different routes as the fountains or the painters to know the area, without forgetting its network of roads, trails and crossings. 

Our last stop takes us to Pezuela de las Torres, which as a consequence of the fact that the Tajuña River crosses part of the municipality, surprises us with a great variety of landscapes of great value, designated Site of Community Importance (SCI), due to its magnificent state of conservation. Its historic centre is not far behind, so if you decide to walk through its streets, we recommend you not to miss the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, from the sixteenth century and declared a Historic Artistic Heritage. 

As in all our getaways, we cannot forget the gastronomy, which after our touristic day, will leave us, and never better, a good taste in our mouths, thanks to its roasts and typical stews of the region, with delicious desserts that will put the sweet touch to our excursion.

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Image credits: Ayuntamiento de Ambite