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Los Paseos Musicales del Botánico

The Royal Botanical Garden invites us to enjoy a pleasant musical evening on Friday nights with 'Los Paseos Musicales'. A perfect opportunity to discover works from different periods by Johann Sebastian Bach, Camille Saint-Saëns, or François Devienne among others. And you, are you going to miss it?

Last Friday began the initiative 'Los Paseos Musicales del Botánico', a cultural activity proposed by the Royal Botanical Garden in collaboration with La Fábrica, and offered by the Bankia Symphony Orchestra. 

Without a doubt, it was a very special event, as tribute was paid to the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and the research teams that have been working continuously for months in the search for a vaccine against Covid-19.

This initiative, which will last until 25th September, offers us the possibility of enjoying magical evenings in some of the most special corners of the Garden such as 'La Rosaleda', 'la Glorieta de los Plátanos' or 'la Glorieta de los Castaños.

The members of the Bankia Symphony Orchestra invite us to travel through various periods in the history of music from 'musical stations', with works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Camille Saint-Saëns, Franz Anton Hoffmeister, François Devienne or Carlos Gardel. Thus, in this particular setting, the audience will enjoy the performance of a cello soloist, a flute and viola duo and a string quartet.

Although this cycle is well known to the public in Madrid, this third edition will be a little different due to the health safety measures that have been adopted as a result of the pandemic. Therefore, the groups have been reduced to facilitate the maintenance of the safety distance, the performances will take place in three different locations, and different passes will be made on the same day.

Book now your ticket here before the tickets are sold out, and live your best summer without leaving the Region of Madrid. We're waiting for you! 

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Image credits: Prensa Real Jardín Botánico