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Vuelve Matadero Madrid

Little by little we return to the long awaited normality and enjoy art in its purest form. Last week the open spaces of Matadero Madrid opened their doors, as well as their restaurant and bicycle rental service, and from this week we can also enjoy their exhibitions. We are waiting for you!

Art in all its expressions makes us feel alive, and if there is a plan in the capital that offers us the possibility of enjoying art in the broadest sense of the word, it is the one offered by Matadero Madrid, the international centre of culture and artistic creation of the Madrid City Council.

From 15 June, it is possible to explore its spaces and take a break with an snack at the Cantina or Café Naves, as the centre will be open every day from 9 am to 10 pm, as well as using Mobeo's bike rental service.

On the other hand, the space has adopted all the necessary hygienic-sanitary measures to guarantee the safety of both the public and the workers of the centre, and from this week it will be possible to visit again the collective exhibition 'Doce fábulas urbanas' in Nave 16, and in Nave 0 the audiovisual work of Hao Jingban, winner of the Han Nefkens - ARCOmadrid 2019 Foundation Video Art Production Award, which is part of the programme 'Profundidad de campo' (Depth of field). 

We will have to wait until July 16 to enjoy during the warm summer nights, the cycle of independent cinema outdoors in Plaza Matadero 'Cineplaza de verano' of Cineteca Madrid, that will last until August 16. 

Already in the month of September the projection rooms will reopen, as well as other spaces of Matadero like the Center of artistic residences, the Nave de Intermediae and the Terrario.

For its part, the Teatro Español and Naves del Español in Matadero will also restart their programmes after the summer, although from the beginning of July, events will be held that can be followed online, such as the 'IV Edición del Torneo de Dramaturgia' from Nave 11/ Sala Fernando Arrabal.

All this and much more in Matadero Madrid!

More info: Matadero Madrid

Image credits: Café Naves © Matadero Madrid