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Talleres pedagógicos virtuales

The Region of Madrid offer the little ones of the house, learn in a different and fun way through virtual pedagogical workshops. With a varied content, adapted to the age of the students, below we reveal you all the details. Be part of it!

Learn at home in a fun way with the new virtual workshops proposed by the Region of Madrid for children between the ages of 1 and 12, whose objective is none other than to make known the work carried out by the Archives of the Region of Madrid.

With just one click, you can access the Portal de Archivos de la Comunidad de Madrid (Archive Website), which houses different downloadable material with different levels of difficulty, so that those interested can learn according to their tastes and abilities. 

Thus, children can create their own personal stamp exlibris to mark their books or school notebooks, or simply colour the one they like best from the proposed card; or discover what it is and what a coat of arms is used for, with the possibility of designing their own.

But they will also have a great time completing puzzles with the most eye-catching graphic documents from the archives such as the 'tarasca', which represented the figure of a dragon that opened the Corpus Christi procession, or the 'rota' or 'wheel' that was in the centre of the parchments surrounded by signatures that gave authenticity to those documents; researching and making your own family tree; or learning about palaeography, the science that deciphers ancient scriptures and studies their evolution, with fun and simple word games.

Among all the proposals, we highlight the 'taller de escritura' (writing workshop) with which children will be immersed in the exciting world of calligraphy, with the possibility of knowing different alphabets along with the various supports and instruments that were used to write in different periods.

Culture for all, at your fingertips!

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Image credits: © Element5 Digital - Unsplash


Con tan solo un click, podrás acceder al Portal de Archivos de la Comunidad de Madrid, que alberga diferente material descargable con diferentes niveles de dificultad, para que aquellos interesados, puedan aprender en función de sus gustos y capacidades. 


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Créditos imágenes: © Element5 Digital - Unsplash