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Nueva guía ‘Madrid Tradición Viva’

While the moment, in which we can go out to the streets with total normality, comes, we invite you to discover the guide 'Living Tradition Madrid', so that you can start planning how you are going to travel through the thousand of corners that our region offers, and that you will have the opportunity to know through its traditions.

Now you have the opportunity to learn more about the Region of Madrid thanks to this unique guide, in which the traditions that have made our region a unique place where past and present coexist are very much present.

In an easy and intuitive way, you will have access to the contents that you will be able to download in this link in PDF format, or if you prefer, to navigate in its web version.

'Living Tradition Madrid' presents eleven routes, ten of them included in the section 'Madrid Región', and one of them in 'Madrid Capital', which give us the chance to explore the Region of Madrid through four sections: architecture, festivals, food and fairs and markets. In the part of 'Madrid capital', it's included a section that encompasses workshops and traditional crafts like esparterías (esparto grass trade), tanners and bookbinders, etc.

Among the proposed routes, it should be noted the landscapes of the Sierra del Rincón, the arcaded squares, different routes through the wine regions that will discover us subzones of the wines from Madrid, and even culinary offerings that invite the tourist to take a break and enjoy the specialities of the region.

In addition, and you do not miss anything, are included eighteen maps to help you locate the different enclaves, and a calendar with the dates of the activities and markets based on the time of year, so, once the confinement is over, you can get organized and decide when to visit each location.

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