Turismo Madrid

Recorre las fuentes madrileñas con nosotros

Discover our region through its fountains. This week, and in anticipation that little by little we will be back to normal, we propose you to explore the region through these constructions among which you will be able to see the best known, the most original and even the most touristy ones.

Throughout the region, we can find different fountains that beautify its streets, squares and parks. These constructions, arose with the need to bring water to the towns of Madrid, a fact that developed the ingenuity, and as a result, we find authentic works of art. 

On our way, we will see the most famous, the most touristic and even the mythological fountains, which we present to you organized in four routes, so that, once you can leave home normally, you decide where do you want to start.

We start in the capital, as the majestic fountains of Cibeles and Neptuno are located there. Nearby, in the Retiro Park, there are some very popular ones such as the 'Alcachofa', the Galapagos or the Fallen Angel, one of the few monuments in the world dedicated to Lucifer. The Fountain of the Dolphins in the Jardín del Capricho, or that of Felipe IV in the Plaza de Oriente, are others that are well worth a visit.

In the northern part of the region, towns such as Buitrago del Lozoya, Lozoya, Guadarrama and El Escorial are home to real treasures. This is the case of the fountain of 'Arriba' made of granite, that of the 'Cuatro Caños', or that of 'San Sebastián'.

Our next route takes us to visit the municipalities in the southwest of the region. There we can visit Boadilla del Monte to see the fountain of 'Las Conchas' located in the Palace of Infante Don Luis; Villaviciosa de Odón and its fountain of 'Los Tres Caños' which is at the foot of the castle of the town; and Cadalso de los Vidrios and its fountain of 'Los Álamos', which you will find in front of the Palace of Villena.

Finally, we will tour the southeast area of the Region of Madrid. There, we can highlight the fountain of 'La Villa' in Valdemoro; the fountains of 'Hercules', of 'Ceres', and of the 'Niño de la Espina' in the Island Garden of Aranjuez; the fountain of 'Arriba' in Chinchón; or the fountain of the 'Huertos' in Colmenar de Oreja.

Take your camera, and enjoy this unique route, which will take you to know the region in a different way.

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Image credits: © Fuente de la Alcachofa - Comunidad de Madrid