Turismo Madrid

Actividades virtuales a través de las salas de exposiciones de la Comunidad de Madrid

In our effort to make the current period of confinement more bearable, because of the coronavirus, we encourage you to participate in different virtual activities, which will take place in the exhibition halls of the region, and which will include workshops, meetings, videos, virtual tours and even the free download of catalogues. Don't miss it!

We start at Sala Alcalá 31, where, in addition to being able to view virtually the exhibition 'Gran Sur: arte contemporáneo chileno en la Colección Engel', you can delve deeper into some of the works thanks to explanatory videos called 'Capsulas culturales', which are complemented by computer graphics that include videos, photographs and biographies of the artists; and on Sundays in May and the first of June, participate in intergenerational workshops to get to know some of the Chilean artists. 

For its part, the Sala Canal de Isabel II invites you on the one hand to discover the creative universe of David Delfín through a live meeting on May 20 with the curator of the exhibition that pays tribute to the career of the charismatic designer from Malaga; and on the other hand, through the YouTube channel of Culture Region of Madrid, to remember other exhibitions such as those of classical photography, fashion or women artists.  

In addition, those interested in contemporary art will be able to consult the Contextarte platform, which covers a history of the exhibitions held in both galleries through brief interviews with their protagonists.

Finally, the Sala de Arte Joven, brings together the best contemporary art and photography through explanatory videos, freely downloadable catalogues or image galleries around the exhibitions of Circuitos de Artes Plásticas, Se busca comisario and Primera fase.

Image credits: © Exposición Jesús del pozo - Comunidad de Madrid