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Pedalea en casa, pedalea con CiclaMadrid 360

We know you're ready to go out and eat up the world. We know that you are hungry for the outdoors, for landscapes, for bikes... but we also know that you are complying with the motto of staying at home. This time we want to propose you to change the armchair for the bicycle seat. Go out and stay... at home!

It's not a wild proposal. With CiclaMadrid 360 you can pedal from your terrace, from your living room or your kitchen, while virtually touring those most inspiring corners of the Region of Madrid.

Through videos in 360-degree format, you can do those bike routes you have always wanted to do and that until now you had not imagined were so close. Or you can do those routes that you have already done and that are worth remembering. You have so much to discover and so close!

You have it at your TV, your tablet or your phone. And, by the way, you can take advantage of it to plan your real routes, the ones you will do when you can leave home and enjoy everything the Region of Madrid has to offer. Because Madrid in the open air, is a gift for the senses. And CiclaMadrid, the Region of Madrid's cycling tourism brand, is a celebration of natural spaces, castles, villages, monasteries, landscapes, wineries... all close to you, all of them within your reach by pedalling.

Now enjoy them from home with CiclaMadrid 360!

At the moment, here are two routes. One of them takes you from Aranjuez to Chinchón. 28 kilometres along the Tajo river valley, where you will pass from the historic gardens of Aranjuez to the farmland around Villaconejos and end up virtually immersing yourself in the emblematic square of Chinchón, a place where you will feel accompanied. 

The other route leaves from Torrelaguna and, to the south of the Sierra Norte, takes you to Miraflores de la Sierra. In the "Galdós Year" you can pay homage to him from your living room. First by reading the National Episodes and then on the bike: visiting, for example, places like Torrelaguna, where "Sangre de mayo" was recorded, a film inspired by two of those National Episodes. 

It's just a small sample of all you can do. Give yourself a break in this confinement! The Region of Madrid is culture and nature. And it's still there.

Culture and cycling without leaving home, cycling with CiclaMadrid.

More info: CiclaMadrid

Image credits: ©Hugo Fernández - Comunidad de Madrid