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Visita virtual al Centro de Interpretación de Nuevo Baztán

Located in the old warehouse of the industrial complex linked to the Goyeneche Palace, the Nuevo Baztán Interpretation Centre is well worth a visit. This week we will travel there, virtually of course, to get to know its exhibition, to go through its history, and to see Juan de Goyeneche's initial project. Let's start!

A sculpture representing Juan de Goyeneche, a politician and businessman of the time of Charles II and Philip V, and one of the most relevant personalities of the time, as he was the driving force behind the project that gave rise to this town, welcomes us at the entrance to the Interpretation Centre. 

Inaugurated in 2003, it houses an exhibition that seeks to present the figure of Goyeneche, putting him in context in order to understand his ideas, and his way of carrying them out, since he was the promoter of the project that gave rise to Nuevo Baztán, and for this he was assisted by José Benito de Churriguera, who carried out the architectural planning.

The centre has different models that show us the evolution of the territory, the urban complex and the palace. On our way, we will also find explanatory panels, period objects, a total of 45 elements on display, distributed in showcases, which illustrate the different industries such as fine glass, cloths for uniforms, paper, candy or soap.

During the year the Centre organizes various activities, and plays audio-visuals during the tour, which give us the opportunity to know the close relationship of the architects of the municipality, but for now, as it is not possible to leave home, we encourage you to explore the gallery virtually through this link

More info: Centro de Interpretación de Nuevo Baztán

Image credits: Comunidad de Madrid