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Teatroteca: teatro gratis para todos

The scenic arts can also be enjoyed from home, so lovers of this modality are in luck since from the website of Teatroteca, they will have access to more than 1000 plays for all audiences, which they will be able to watch in streaming. Curtain up...!

Teatroteca is the free online video lending platform of INAEM's Centro de Documentación Teatral (CDT). Its funds store more than 1000 theatrical recordings of first-class theatre, dance and lyrical performances from the late seventies to the present day.

In order to access, you only need to register at this link. Once you have obtained your username and password, you will have access to a wide catalogue of works, approximately half of which correspond to productions by the Teatro de la Zarzuela, the Centro Dramático Nacional, the Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico and the disappeared Centro Nacional de Nuevas Tendencias Escénicas; and the others to works produced by various other public or private institutions. 

The user will be able to know the content of this digital library with a simple search process through different filters in the search on the home page by entering the title of the play or the author; making a more advanced search by filling in different fields; or even accessing the proposals for new works, children's and young people's theatre themes, most viewed plays, etc. 

It may happen that when you select the work you want to see it is not available, but there is no problem since it is possible to make a reservation so that you receive a notice when it is available. As you can see, everything is easy!

Don't miss the opportunity to vibrate from home with classic theatre plays from your Tablet, from your mobile or from your computer. Don't miss it!

More info: Teatroteca 

Image credits: Peter Lewicki - Unsplash