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Filmoteca Española presenta ‘El Doré en casa’

Filmoteca Española joins the initiative of other cultural institutions, and offers us an interesting programme to enjoy from home for free with 'El Doré en casa' and 'Restrospectiva Doré'. Below we reveal how... read on!

On the occasion of the closing of the Cine Doré, as a result of the situation of confinement due to coronavirus, Filmoteca Española and EGEDA (Audiovisual Producers' Rights Management Entity) have joined forces to offer different recovered or restored titles free of charge, together with classics of Spanish cinema.

Therefore, film lovers will only have to connect to the 'Doré en casa' channel of the Filmoteca Española's Vimeo account, in order to comfortably watch the programmed film from home, which will be available for three days. After that time, and unannounced, the title will be renewed for a new one. 

On the other hand, the Filmin platform will also provide online access to the 'Retrospectiva Doré' of Filmoteca Española cycle, made up of a selection of 70 titles that formed part of the Cine Doré programme over the last three years. 

While it's true that most moviegoers say that the magic of cinema is experienced in theatres, now you have the opportunity to enjoy great movies without leaving your couch. Enjoy it!

More info: Filmoteca Española 

Image credits: Facebook Filmoteca Española