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Visita virtual al Museo Picasso - Colección Eugenio Arias

Buitrago del Lozoya hosts the 'Museo Picasso - Colección Eugenio Arias', a gallery that was created thanks to the close friendship between the artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso and his barber, Eugenio Arias, and whose collection is mainly made up of the works that the artist gave to his friend. Now you have the opportunity to explore the museum virtually. Don't miss it!

Now we travel to the Madrid town of Buitrago del Lozoya, where you can find the Picasso Museum - Eugenio Arias Collection, which is the virtual visit we propose on this occasion. It's a singular museum that emerges as we mentioned before thanks to the friendship between these two Spanish exiles.  

The City Council of the municipality houses this gallery since 1985, whose funds were mostly transferred by Eugenio Arias to the Provincial Council of Madrid in 1982, responding to his desire to create a monographic museum in the town where he was born.

From the own website you have the opportunity to explore the room to see closely and in detail the works given and dedicated by Picasso to Eugenio Arias, among which are drawings, graphic work, ceramics, posters, dedicated books and other unique as a box of tools of the hairdresser pyro-engraved and a plate of iron smelting (cagafierro).

Along with these works there are also various objects belonging to Picasso's friends, such as the sculptural bust of Picasso signed by Francisco Aguilar and the photographs of André Villers made with the photographers David Douglas Duncan and Edward Quinn, which documented Picasso's life in his house-workshop in La Californie.

At present, the collection is made up of 75 pieces, since during the 1980s, eight ceramic works were added to the collection of the former Provincial Council of Madrid, in 2005 two prints, and in 2011 three photographs by David Douglas Duncan and two donations.

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Image credits: Web Museo Picasso - Colección Eugenio Arias